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Welcome to DaVang.org

We are an open IRC/Chat network for Vietnamese. Everybody is welcome to join and have fun...

We have Vietnameses coming from the USA (LA,SF,NY,NC,TX...), Germany, Belgium, UK, etc... even from Russia and of course, from Viet Nam. Most of us are from the old days of VietChat #20something, #30something & #40something. Our sole sponsor is Kevin @ KEVWORKS who gave us a brand new server to host our service. Everyone, quick! give him a kiss and a hug! :3

To chat with the latest client please CHAT here.

To chat with Java please CHAT here.

To chat with the non-java client, please CHAT here.

To get the latest JRE (Java Runtime Environment) for the java chat please click here or here.

I can always use some server(ahem*beer*ahem) money :D. Just click on Donate button below:
OR just log in to your paypal account, click on "Send Money", choose "info@davang.org" as receipient, and send as "Personal Gift". Thanks! :)

Below are some of the IRC clients that you can use to connect to us: ( irc.DaVang.org / 6667 )

For Windows, there's XCHAT (most reccommended), KVIRC, or IceChat, or HydraIRC.

For the Mac crowd there's Colloquy or Snak.

On Firefox, you can also try ChatZilla.

All of the latest Binaries for the clients above are also available HERE.

And lastly, of course there's the popular mIRC.

Instructions for setting up Xchat is HERE .

Instructions for setting up mIRC is HERE .